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Racket NX Slams Onto Oculus Quest Next Week

Racket NX Slams Onto Oculus Quest Next Week

Racket: NX is officially launching on Oculus Quest next week.

Back in April, we learned that the high-octane Breakout-like game Racket: NX would be making its way to Oculus Quest, allowing you to play its unique take on racket sports wherever you happen to be. Now, we finally have a date – the game launches for Quest on July 18.

Though previously available on traditional PC-tethered VR headsets, Racket: NX was unable to meet its full potential because of the cords. With the Quest, you don’t have to worry about tripping over yourself as you turn from side to side and bash the ball against the walls’ targets.

Because of the intensity and Raquetball-esque speed of Racket: NX, you need to know where the ball is at all times. The game makes use of Waves’ spatial audio technology to allow for this, though you’ll also hear a bumping EDM soundtrack alongside the relevant noises.

If you want to play a progressively-difficult mode, you can jump into Solo, or you can try an endless gauntlet in Arcade mode. Once you’re ready to play against real people, you can compete in ranked or private matches complete with cross-platform support. It’s all wrapped up in a gorgeous science-fiction coating, helping to distract you from the fact that you’re essentially whacking a tennis ball against a brick wall.

When Racket: NX launches for Quest, it will also support cross-buy. Those who purchased the game on the Rift will automatically get a copy for the Quest, and those who buy it for the first time on Quest also get a copy for the Rift.

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