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Racket Club Delivers A Mixed Reality Serve On December 14

Racket Club release date and mixed reality

Racket Club secures a release date as Resolution Games reveals mixed reality support on Quest and Pico.

After detailing the social mechanics and scoring systems through developer diaries, Resolution revealed more about Racket Club solo gameplay. That includes a practice mode with AI rivals, and the developer states AI opponent behavior was trained on "anonymized data collected from real players." Drills aim to teach you basic and advanced techniques through various objectives, while the Career mode puts you in solo championship brackets.

Racket Club also revealed mixed reality support, letting you set up court walls that blend the virtual court with your real environment. However, the opposing player's side remains entirely digital and can be seen through a portal wall. MR also isn't available in the 'Club' area. That's available on both Quest and Pico 4.

Finally, Resolution detailed Racket Club's progression systems, seeing you earn XP after competing in matches. This unlocks new gear and appearance options for your avatar like cosmetic "sweatband-donning hairstyles to stylish sneakers." Additional rackets are also available, and the studio confirms these have a direct impact on gameplay.

“Your skill may be the most important factor in how well you play any racket sport – but it’s not the only factor,” said Mathieu Castelli, Chief Creative Officer at Resolution Games in a prepared statement. “Equipment plays a big role too. That’s why we’ve made 20 rackets available at launch, each with their own varying emphases on spin, speed, and mass."

Racket Club arrives on December 14 on the Meta Quest platform, Pico and Steam for $25 with a 12% pre-order discount.

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