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Quest 2 Launch Surges Facebook's SteamVR Usage Share Beyond 50%

Quest 2 Launch Surges Facebook's SteamVR Usage Share Beyond 50%

Following Quest 2’s launch, more SteamVR gamers now use Oculus Quest headsets than Valve’s own Index, according to its monthly Hardware Survey data.

The total percentage of Steam users with a VR headset has increased to 1.91%, up from 1.76%.

Summing the numbers for all its PC-capable headsets, Facebook’s usage share is now 53%- the first time above 50% since since Valve improved how the Hardware Survey reports headsets back in February.

Steam seems to be grouping Quest & Quest 2 as ‘Oculus Quest’- the ‘Other’ category didn’t change much, but Quest jumped from 11% to almost 17%. That’s the largest month-to-month increase since the Rift S launched in May 2019.

1 in 6 headsets used on SteamVR in November were Oculus Quests. For the first time, more than the Valve Index- though that’s not surprising given its $999 all-in price.

Quest headsets don’t actually support PC VR natively through DisplayPort or HDMI. Instead owners need to use a high quality USB cable (officially supported) or 3rd party WiFi streaming app.

HP’s Reverb G2 started shipping in mid November so it isn’t captured in this data- just as Quest 2 wasn’t captured in last month’s despite launching in October. We’ll be paying close attention to the ‘Windows Mixed Reality’ category in a month from now to see how fast the latest PC-native headset is selling.

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