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Puzzling Places Releases Monthly Pack #1 Alongside Plan For DLC

Puzzling Places Releases Monthly Pack #1 Alongside Plan For DLC

Puzzling Places from added its first monthly paid downloadable puzzle pack and detailed plans for additions to the game going forward.

You can buy Monthly Pack #1 for Puzzling Places on PlayStation VR or Quest now and we had Azad Balabanian from in our studio to detail the pack and the plan going forward. Check it out in the video embedded below.

The plan is to divide up the team behind the innovative puzzler so some folks can work Premium Packs that include audio and maybe offer a cohesive story or layer in new gameplay elements, while other members of the team work on Monthly Packs that don’t have audio but offer a regular new batch of content to dig into.

“Some people will just want to play the premium puzzles – they just want to check in every couple of months, have an amazing puzzling experience, have a great time and get out,” Balabanian told me. “Some players just want to have really fun puzzles to play every single weekend. And that’s kinda where the monthly packs really help them scratch that itch.”

Here are the details provided by on the six puzzles included in Monthly Pack #1:

Fire Station No. 38:

  • Location: Baltimore, MD, USA
  • Scan by: Taylor Houlihan
  • Max. 400 pieces

Argentière Glacier in 2012:

  • Location: Mont-Blanc Massif, France
  • Scan by: pierre391
  • Max. 200 pieces

Florence Cathedral Entrance:

  • Location: Florence, Italy
  • Scan by: Shahriar Shahrabi
  • Max. 400 pieces

Ursus C360 Tractor:

  • Location: N/A
  • Scan by: Viesturs Dille
  • Max. 200 pieces

Blue Tiled Bench:

  • Location: Santarém, Portugal
  • Scan by: Carlos Faustino
  • Max. 400 pieces

Old Wooden Sauna:

  • Location: Latvia
  • Scan by: Viesturs Dille
  • Max. 200 pieces

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