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Puzzling Places Launches Today On Apple Vision Pro Today

Puzzling Places screenshot on Apple Vision Pro

Puzzling Places marks the latest Apple Vision Pro launch game, available today as a free download.

Similar to Synth Riders, confirms that Puzzling Places, a meditative 3D jigsaw puzzle game, was redesigned from the ground up on Apple Vision Pro to use its eye and hand-tracking interface. Launching as a “volume” VisionOS app, the studio states this makes it easier to put Puzzling Places alongside other apps in your Shared Space.

Puzzling Places uses 3D scanning technology to create photorealistic puzzles based on real-world locations. The Apple Vision Pro version launches with three locations. There's a 25-piece Cozy Cabin puzzle in a snowy Czech forest, the 100-piece interior of Prayer Hall in the Uzbek Registan complex, followed by a UNESCO world heritage site in northern France, Mont Saint-Michel.

“We decided early on to rethink Puzzling Places from the ground up for Apple Vision Pro’s unique interface," says Daniel Sproll, CEO in a prepared statement. "I‘m super excited with the result–It feels incredibly fluid & magical.”

Puzzling Places arrives today on Apple Vision Pro for free with additional puzzles coming soon as paid DLC. Elsewhere, it's out now on all major VR platforms.

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