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PSVR's Promising Golem Finally Gets Release Date

PSVR's Promising Golem Finally Gets Release Date

Two years on from its announcement, promising PlayStation VR (PSVR) adventure, Golem, finally has a release date.

The game, which was first revealed at the 2015 PlayStation Experience, will be arriving on March 13th 2018. Developer Highwire Games confirmed as much at this year’s iteration of show, where it debuted a new gameplay demo that you can see in the video below.

Golem has been away a pretty long time, but it looks like the game’s core mechanics and story remain intact. The title follows a young injured girl that discovers the ability to embody and control stone beings known as Golems. Using a single PlayStation Move controller, you use these beasts to explore the ruins of an ancient city and engage others in combat. You’ll be armed with a sword that you must use to block and parry incoming attacks then strike back at opportune moments.

As detailed on the PlayStation Blog, Golem will use a new ‘Incline Control’ locomotion system, which essentially means players will lean slightly in the direction they want to move. It doesn’t sound like anything else we’ve encountered on PSVR yet, but Highwire says that once it’s been mastered you’ll be able to move around “effortlessly”. Here’s hoping they’re right.

While we’re waiting for Golem you can check out a musical prequel to the game that released earlier this year. We’ll definitely be watching to see how this one works out.

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