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PSVR Exclusive Shooter Kill X Renamed Immortal Legacy, Coming Soon

PSVR Exclusive Shooter Kill X Renamed Immortal Legacy, Coming Soon

A few years ago now we played a Chinese demo for a PSVR exclusive shooter named Kill X. The game was born out of a Sony-led initiative and developed by Viva Games. It was a little scrappy, but it had potential. Two years on, we finally have a release date and a new name for the game – Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher.

We kind of preferred Kill X, but no matter.

Immortal Legacy will release on PSVR in Europe on March 20th. In the game you play as an ex-special forces soldier seeking revenge for his mother’s death. You’ll explore an island infested with horrific beasts. Playing with two Move controllers, you’ll gun these creatures down as well as solve puzzles and explore the world.

Check out the first English-voiced trailer for the game above. It doesn’t give away much, but what’s there is promising.

When we played the original demo the game offered full freedom of movement. It was a pretty spooky experience set in dark caves with creatures that crawled on the walls. That said, it was relatively simplistic.

We’re cautiously optimistic about Immortal Legacy, then. Outside of ports like Borderlands 2, PSVR hasn’t had a full-fledged FPS in a while. Hopefully this will offer a meaty campaign with solid action and an engaging story. Visually, it looks like it’s come a long way from the last time we saw it.

The game’s already up for pre-order on the European PlayStation Store for £15.99. There’s currently no word on a US release date though hopefully it’ll be around the same time.

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