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Dev Says Sony Is Working On PSVR 2 Reprojection Improvements

Hubris promo art

A Hubris producer said Sony is working on reprojection improvements for PSVR 2.

Following a PC VR release last December, Hubris arrives on June 22 for Quest 2 and PSVR 2. To promote the upcoming launch, producer Koen Van den Steen fielded a Reddit AMA which covered foveated rendering, a future Steam update and more. During this AMA, Van den Steen then claimed that Sony is currently working on "future improvements to their reprojection system" for PSVR 2.

I think the [PlayStation VR2] will get better every update from now on, a good example will be future improvements to their reprojection system which they are working on right now.

In a separate reply, Van den Steen calls these improvements "an ongoing process" but doesn't believe this will be particularly noticeable in Hubris. "I think when you play our game and you [don't] know we are using [reprojection] you would barely notice it," he claims. That said, he says you can find it on certain things if you're actively looking.

Reprojection has been a contentious issue for PSVR 2 users since launching four months ago. While some games run in native 120Hz or 90Hz like Red Matter 2 and The Light Brigade, others like Gran Turismo 7 and Resident Evil Village use reprojection to artificially hit 120Hz output. However, this can create ghosting effects and affect motion sickness.

We've asked Sony for an official comment and will update this article if we learn more. For more details on reprojection, check out our previous PSVR 2 specs and technical analysis:

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