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The Light Brigade Update Adds Native 90Hz Support On PSVR 2

The Light Brigade Update Adds Native 90Hz Support On PSVR 2

The Light Brigade received a hefty patch last weekend, which removed reprojection and boosted its refresh rate to a native 90Hz on PSVR 2.

Released two weeks ago as a PSVR 2 launch game, The Light Brigade previously ran at 60fps with reprojection lifting its refresh rate to 120Hz on Sony’s new headset. With Update 1 out now for all platforms, developer Funktronic Labs confirms the PSVR 2 edition replaced reprojection for native 90Hz support. Text legibility, render quality, sound effects and controller tracking were also improved, alongside fixes for trophies that wouldn’t unlock.

Update 1 includes over 240 changes, and PSVR 2 isn’t the only headset receiving exclusive upgrades for The Light Brigade. While Quest 2 and Steam have limited version-specific bug fixes, support for local dimming and dynamic foveated rendering with eye-tracking was added on Meta Quest Pro.

Across all platforms, The Light Brigade now features an additional New Game+ difficulty tier – NG+++, alongside rebalancing for bosses. New settings like custom turn speeds and bolt grab with trigger were added, weapons damage and recoil were rebalanced and a redesigned aiming/locomotion system was also implemented. If you prefer the original system, that remains available through a “legacy mode” in the XR settings.

The Light Brigade is available now for Quest 2, Quest Pro, PSVR 2 and PC VR.

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