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Update: PS5's HD Camera Won't Support PSVR 1, Sony Confirms

Update: PS5's HD Camera Won't Support PSVR 1, Sony Confirms

A new FAQ directly from Sony seems to confirm the PS5’s new HD Camera can’t be used to play old PSVR games.

Update: Since this post was published Sony has released a full blog post confirming very specifically that, no, the HD camera does not support PSVR.

The FAQ, which details how playing PS4 games on PS5 will work, notes that “The HD Camera is not compatible with PS4 games – please connect a PlayStation Camera via a PlayStation Camera adaptor.”

PS5 HD Camera PSVR Support Not Happening

PS5 HD Camera PSVR

We had suspected that the new camera wouldn’t work with the original PSVR for some time, but this seems to confirm it. We’ve reached out to Sony to make sure that the term “PS4 games” does indeed include PSVR games.

As the FAQ notes, then, playing PSVR will require the old PlayStation Camera used for PS4. You won’t be able to plug the camera directly into the console, though. Instead, you’ll need an adaptor that the company says it will send out to PSVR owners for free, but there’s still no details on that as we approach the console’s initial November 12th release.

We do at least know PS5 will also support the DualShock 4, PlayStation Move controllers and Aim controller when playing old PSVR games on the original headset, though these peripherals won’t work with new PS5 games. As for a second PSVR headset native to PS5? Sony is still tight-lipped on the topic, though recent patent leaks and job listings definitely suggest the company has more in store.

Any possible reveal of new hardware will likely have to wait until after the console’s launch in a few weeks’ time, though. For now, you can check out everything we know about PSVR 2 right here. We’ll keep following the updates here and on our YouTube channel.

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