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Apparent Schematics For Meta's Project Cambria Headset Leak

Apparent Schematics For Meta's Project Cambria Headset Leak

SadlyItsBradley (Brad Lynch) shared apparent internal schematics for Meta’s upcoming Project Cambria headset.

Project Cambria is the public codename for Meta’s upcoming high end standalone headset, announced at Connect 2021 in October. It will be sold alongside Quest 2 with a price tag “significantly” higher than $800, aimed at remote workers and mixed reality early adopters. In October Meta confirmed it had already sent development kits out.

The headset looks to have a more balanced design than Quest 2 with a slimmer visor achieved through the use of pancake lenses instead of fresnel lenses. It has higher resolution cameras with color and a depth sensor for mixed reality, as well as built-in face and eye tracking to drive avatars in social experiences like Workrooms.

In April supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed Project Cambria will have dual 2160×2160 Mini LED LCD panels and launch in the second half of this year (between July and December). And import logs found by Lynch, Samulia and Reggy04 suggest it will have 12 GB RAM, up from Quest 2’s 6 GB.


Today Lynch posted six schematics of Project Cambria seemingly CAD files on his Patreon page. The schematics show some interesting features including a dial at the front (perhaps used to adjust the lenses) a clip on the side (potentially for Oculus Link) and a visible cable at the rear, likely connecting the battery to the components in front.

In April he worked with with product designer Marcus Kane to produce a detailed 3D model of images he claimed to have seen of the headset. Based on these schematics, Lynch now says this model “was almost exact to the final version. Of course we missed some slight details”.

Project Cambria still doesn’t have a product name, specific release window, or exact price; but earlier this month Zuckerberg re-iterated it will launch “later this year”.

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