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Prisms VR Wants To Teach Your Kids Math On Quest 2

Prisms VR Wants To Teach Your Kids Math On Quest 2

Looking to teach your kids math through virtual reality? Prisms VR is expanding its educational platform onto Meta Quest 2, arriving today via a subscription model.

Following an enterprise launch in 2021, which saw developer Prisms of Reality bring this educational program to 92 school districts across 23 states, Prisms VR is now receiving a consumer release. Called Prisms Math on Quest 2, it’s designed for Grade 8 to 11 math students, tutors and teachers, offering several content libraries that target middle school learning with Fractions and Ratios, Algebra, Geometry, and more. There’s a new trailer on the store page, and you can watch the original trailer below. Only Quest 2 and Quest Pro are listed as supported platforms.

Prisms claims this program offers three unique ways of home learning, including single-player content modules to help you revise core mathematics concepts. That comes with a web-based dashboard that parents and educators can use for monitoring progress, alongside a multiplayer sandbox that “allows for collaboration on additional practice problems to gain fluency.”

“The math gap in America has become a serious problem that if left unchecked will continue to widen the relentless economic divides that preclude large swathes of people from contributing to STEM fields,” said Anurupa Ganguly, Prisms’ founder and CEO in a prepared statement. “As US school districts rapidly begin to adopt Prisms’ learning methodology, equipping parents and tutors to help their kids with math at home enables us to redefine what it means to learn both informal and formal learning settings.”

Prisms VR arrives today on the Meta Quest platform, available as an annual subscription for $24.

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