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Population: One Season 2 - Here's What's New (And A Coupon!)

Population: One Season 2 - Here's What's New (And A Coupon!)

Population: One Season 2 is out today and brings with it a huge number of additions and changes.

Named The Frontier, this season introduces a new area of the map, a larger player count, more options for play and new weapons and items. Let’s dive into what’s new. Oh and new players make sure to check down below for a coupon to get some in-game currency.

Population: One Season 2 – What’s New

The Frontier

Population One Season 2 new area

This is the biggest addition to this season. The Frontier overtakes the old Cliffside area with a brand new western theme. And it brings all the expected extras with it: there’s a giant Saloon with doors to kick down, a piano chiming away in the background and even breakable bottles. Outside you’ll find TNT and loot barrels to blow up as well as more themed buildings, a giant train station and a rodeo area.

This is the biggest map change for Population: One yet and it definitely brings a little more personality to the map. Stepping into The Frontier feels like immersing yourself in a new area of an amusement park.

24 Player Count

The Frontier is a pretty big area, which is fortunate because Population: One is also increasing its player limit this season. Matches will jump from 18 players to 24, making space for two more teams of three. That’s across all platforms, so cross-play will remain in place too. It’s still not quite 100 players, but developer Big Box VR points out it’s the largest player count on Quest.

Custom Private Games

The game’s private room features are expanding too. Though still in beta, you now have the chance to create custom rulesets. Want a melee-only solos battle? Or how about a sped-up game where the zone shrinks in seconds? All of that’s now possible. It also means that the katana lives on – while it’s been temporarily removed from public games, you can add it back in private ones.

New Weapons And Items

population one harmonica

And, of course, there are new toys to tinker with. Headlining Population: One Season 2 are the Matador shotguns. These are the game’s first dual-wielding weapons, allowing for fast-firing, wide-area attacks. Their coolest feature, though, is the ability to reload by flicking your wrist, spinning it over your finger. Then there’s the Shield Shaker, a new way to build your defenses that requires you to frantically shake a bottle.

Finally, we have the most interesting addition – the Harmonica. What possible use could a Harmonica have in a deadly game of last man standing? Simple – playing it recharges your team’s shields. It’s an interesting dynamic to switch up team compositions; you won’t recharge your own shield and can’t attack, but it could keep your friends in the fight for longer.


Overall there’s a lot to like in the Population: One Season 2 update and it feels like the game is tapping further into VR. The new weapons and items are all built around new interactions that feel very natural and the Frontier area is a welcome change of scenery from what’s an otherwise largely uniform map. We haven’t played a 24-player match yet, but the more the merrier, and custom games give players some control over what they can experience too, even if Big Box VR still isn’t answering the call for a public Solos mode. That said, there will be a new deathmatch option arriving during this season, but it’s not quite ready for prime time yet.

Of course, everything we’ve just mentioned is free. The Season 2 Battle Pass itself costs $5 and unlocks new cosmetic items including appropriately-themed costumes and weapon skins.

Population One Season2_Infographic

Free Bureau Gold

We’ve also teamed up with Big Box VR to bring back out new player off. If you buy Population: One from today through to May 20th, you can use the code UPLOADVR to earn 750 Bureau Gold. You need to use the code within 7 days of purchasing (lasting up until 12am PT May 27th). To redeem, head to the Store tab on the game’s main menu, click Redeem Coupon on the left and then end the code.

What do you mean of Population: One Season 2’s offerings? Let us know in the comments below!

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