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Sony Teardown Reveals PlayStation VR2 Internal Hardware In New Videos

Sony Teardown Reveals PlayStation VR2 Internal Hardware In New Videos

Sony released a first look at the PlayStation VR2 internal components, tearing down the headset and Sense controllers across two new videos.

Following its PS5 console teardown, Sony is doing the same for Playstation VR2 a week before launch. The first video is hosted by Takamasa Araki from the Mechanical Design team, who previously designed the original PSVR headset. Detailing the thought process behind each individual headset aspect, Araki advises the team took feedback from users to “make it as light as possible,” also highlighting the symmetrical design, lenses adjustment and how the cooling fans prevent PSVR 2 from steaming up, letting fresh air flow through a gap in the light shield.

Disassembling the lenses unit around 8:08, Araki explains how PSVR 2’s Fresnel lenses “act on the microscopic level to significantly reduce ghosting.” He claims this allows for “a beautiful image without sacrificing brightness,” before finishing this video with a headband teardown. You can watch that in full below.


The second video is significantly shorter and looks at the PSVR 2 Sense Controllers. That’s presented by Takeshi Igarashi from the Peripheral Design team, who previously designed the DualSense controller. Igarashi details how the headset tracks Sense, stating the orb-shaped design provides the “ideal positioning” of the ring’s 14 IR LEDs. “The LEDs have been placed in optimal locations to ensure they are accurately detected no matter what direction the controller is facing,” he continues, saying “this uses a material that transmit the infrared light emitted internally to track the movement of the controller.”


Naturally, Sony advises you don’t do this at home when PSVR 2 releases on February 22, stating this will void your warranty: “Do not try this at home. Risk of exposure to electric shock or other injury. Disassembling your PlayStation VR2 will invalidate your manufacturer’s guarantee.”

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