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Photogrammetry App OtherSight Coming To Oculus Quest Late 2021

Photogrammetry App OtherSight Coming To Oculus Quest Late 2021

OtherSight is a new exploration app featuring photogrammetric captures from around the world, coming to the Oculus Quest and Quest 2 in late 2021.

The developers, Raiz New Media, posted a trailer announcing the news on their YouTube channel. There’s not a whole lot of detailed information, but it seems like the app will use photogrammetry to create lifelike environments from around the world, which the user can explore and be guided through.

The trailer only features one location, ‘A Piece Of Tokyo’, set in the 50s back alleys of modern Tokyo. You can see a tour guide is imposed on top of the environment, and there even seems to be custom-made, interact-able objects within the environment too, such as the ‘no bikes’ sign that the user places on the ground.

The environment also seems to support free movement as well, which is quite impressive.

There’s only the Tokyo location featured in the trailer, but the same YouTube channel features videos of loads more photogrammetry captures of real-life locations, such as this one of the Dolmen of Vinyes-Mortes, Girona. You can browse all the other captures on the channel here. Likewise, the company’s website has lots of other captures listed as well.

The only other information we have on OtherSight is in the trailer’s description, which mentions that the app has been approved by Oculus and will release at the end of 2021. It also says that there will be “various places to visit around the world” in addition to the Tokyo location, and that more information will be available “in the coming weeks.”

Keep an eye out for more info on OtherSight soon.

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