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Pavlov Shack Coming To App Lab, Full Quest Launch Still TBD

Pavlov Shack Coming To App Lab, Full Quest Launch Still TBD

Pavlov Shack will soon be arriving on Facebook’s new App Lab platform for Oculus Quest.

Launched yesterday, App Lab allows developers to distribute content to Quest without full store approval from Facebook or necessitating sideloading. Developers simply share a link to their content and then users can download and even buy the experience as if it were a regular Quest app.

Pavlov Shack App Lab Launch Incoming

In a tweet following the launch, Pavlov Shack developer davevillz confirmed that the game would come to App Lab “soon”. A full launch on the Oculus Quest store, however, will be decided “in the long term.”

“We haven’t submited [sic] in a long time to the store so is technically our choice not to be in there,” the developer said in a follow-up tweet. “However now with App Lab we are not pressure [sic] to have a QA passable build anymore, we will take as long as it needs before we ask for player money.”

Pavlov Shack is a scaled-down version of the popular multiplayer PC VR shooter that’s already available for free on SideQuest. The App Lab launch will offer the same version of the game – nothing will be different other than that you won’t need to sideload the app. The game is one of the most popular apps on SideQuest, with over 370,000 downloads to date. It’s arguably the last of VR’s most popular modern military shooters waiting to launch on the Quest store – Onward and Contractors both launched in 2020.

Will you be checking out Pavlov Shack when it lands on App Lab? Let us know in the comments below!


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