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Co-Op Horror Game Paranormal Hunter Announced For PC VR

Co-Op Horror Game Paranormal Hunter Announced For PC VR

Former Shenmue and Shin Megami Tensei developers at EALoGames have revealed a new cooperative horror game named Paranormal Hunter, and it’s got full VR support.

Announced today at the Upload VR Showcase, Paranormal Hunter is heading to consoles and PC in 2022 via early access, with full VR support included for the PC VR version. Check it out in the announcement trailer below.

Paranormal Hunter Revealed

In Paranormal Hunter, up to four players team up as a squad of ghost hunters. Inspired by Japanese folklore and horror cinema, you’ll use ancient artifacts as you hunt down ghostly enemies. UV lights help keep spirits at bay and you’ll need to navigate locked doors and blocked passages to survive. It looks a little like Phasmophobia, though the focus on different artifacts and paranormal investigation will hopefully give it its own twist.

The VR support will feature in-game UI via a wristwatch. The PC version of the game will also support full cross-play, so anyone in VR can play with those on flat screens. The console version, meanwhile, is heading to Switch, PS4 and PS5. No word yet on a possible PSVR release, but perhaps the game might be a good fit for Sony’s upcoming PS5 VR headset?

Paranormal Hunter will cost $14.99 in early access and is looking to launch in Q2 2022. We’ll bring you more details on what the early access build includes and when to expect a full launch at a later date. Stay tuned to UploadVR for the latest on the game and make sure to check out today’s VR Showcase for plenty more announcements.

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