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Osso VR Surgical Training Platform Updates With Stunning Level Of Fidelity

Osso VR Surgical Training Platform Updates With Stunning Level Of Fidelity

Osso VR, a surgery training platform, is rolling out an update with a stunningly high level of graphical fidelity, increasing the realism and immersion for those using the platform to train before performing surgery in real-life.

We first tried Osso VR back in 2018 — UploadVR Senior Editor David Jagneaux used the platform to learn how to install a rod into someone’s shin after a fracture. “It was a very kinetic training exercise” he said, “and one that wouldn’t be feasible to try for the first time on a real patient without prior knowledge.” This is the crux of Osso VR — providing a platform to learn complex operations with more depth than you would get from a textbook, and allowing you to get somewhat comparable experience before operating on a real patient.

This new update for Osso VR takes everything up a notch, increasing the visual fidelity to a stunning degree. While the existing graphics were not undesirable by any means, the new update really takes things to a whole new level of realism. Check out the video embedded above, along with the screenshots below, to see for yourself.

Knee osso vr surgery

“We’ve reached a level of detail in the anatomy, surgical tools, and the OR environment within the platform that was not previously possible,” said Justin Barad, CEO and Co-Founder of Osso VR. “This will improve our ability to accomplish our mission, improving patient outcomes, driving the adoption of high value technologies and democratizing access to surgical education globally.”

osso vr surgery

According to a press release, Osso VR is currently used by 20 leading hospitals and eight top medical device companies across 20 countries. No doubt the increase in graphics will be a welcome addition for those who use the tools regularly.

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