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Oculus Rift S Update Improves Head-Tracking, Adds Stabilized Recording

Oculus Rift S Update Improves Head-Tracking, Adds Stabilized Recording

Oculus 20.0 updates are now rolling out for Rift and Quest, including improvements to head-tracking and in-VR recording on Rift S.

There’s nothing too significant to talk about in this month’s updates, but over on the PC side Facebook says it’s “enhanced rendering stability for Rift S to improve head tracking.” Rift S uses inside-out tracking similar to Oculus Quest instead of the outside-in system with the original Rift. The tracking works well already, but any further improvements are always welcome.

Also on the PC front, Facebook has improved in-VR recording with an image stabilization feature. It should reduce unwanted jittering displaying on a video when moving your head in VR. We’ll be curious to see if this feature might come to Quest anytime soon, too. Finally on the PC front users can now hide the ‘Activate Oculus Link’ modal.

Over on the Quest side there’s not too much to mention. You can now mute people in your party on a person-by-person basis rather than silencing the whole group and a bug with audio has been fixed.

It’s possible that this month’s updates are light on big improvements to help make way for something more significant next month. We’re hoping Facebook will hold a digital version of Oculus Connect in September (though it may be later) and the company usually saves some big new feature reveals for the show.

As for this update, it’s rolling out now but we haven’t got it ourselves just yet. Have you noticed any improvements to tracking with the Oculus Rift S update? Let us know in the comments below!

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