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OC5: Oculus Quest Will Launch With Over 50 Titles In 2019

OC5: Oculus Quest Will Launch With Over 50 Titles In 2019

Today at Oculus Connect 5 Facebook announced that the Santa Cruz prototype is now officially known as Oculus Quest and that it will be launching in Spring 2019 with over 50 different titles for $399. While the full list of releases won’t be confirmed until next year, we already have a bit of insight into what to expect.

Here at OC5 in San Jose Facebook is hosting an “arena-scale” demo of Dead and Buried that will allow users to run around freely in a large space within a shared multiplayer environment. At the show they’re also demoing Tennis Scramble, a VR tennis title that looks a lot like Wii Tennis, as well as Face Your Fears.

In addition to those that we will have the chance to try here today, Oculus Quest will also launch with several ports of other Rift titles such as Superhot, Robo Recall, The Climb, and Moss. But that still leaves over 40 other titles that we don’t know about yet.

The sizzle reel that they showed during the OC5 keynote didn’t show much actual gameplay footage, more like concept ideas, but it certainly showed what looked like a sword fighting game of some kind (maybe even Raw Data?) and we’re hoping to see Beat Saber make an appearance. At one point the actor has giant fists on her hands that look a lot like The Hulk, so hopefully that means some version of Marvel Powers United VR on Quest too.

What other titles do you hope to see on Oculus Quest? We put together a wish list if you want to see our picks, but we’d love to know your thoughts too down in the comments below!

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