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Another Possible Oculus Quest Pro Leak Shows Headset & Controller Textures

Another Possible Oculus Quest Pro Leak Shows Headset & Controller Textures

It looks like there’s another possible Oculus Quest Pro leak ahead of Facebook Connect this week, this time showing off textures that could make up both the headset and controller.

The leak comes from Bastian and Samulia, the same pair that brought us leaked tutorial videos of the Oculus Quest Pro (which, to be clear, is by no means an official name for the unannounced device) in action. This time it entails textures for both the Quest Pro headset and controllers, sprawled out like an unsolved jigsaw puzzle. It’s actually a little nightmarish to behold. Keep in mind that this isn’t guaranteed to be Quest Pro, either, but it certainly resembles past leaks.

New Oculus Quest Pro Leak?

You can spot a few outlines that look similar to the headset seen in the leaks earlier this month, namely the ski-goggles-like visor (which looks reflective based on this image) and, above it, a headband. There are also half-circle-shaped objects that look like headbands to improve comfort, which were again seen in the video a few days ago.

The second image could be showing the controller dock that was first spotted in the videos, with what looks like two USB-C slots. The controllers themselves, meanwhile, still don’t seem to have tracking ring textures and also look similar to the leaked photograph from a few weeks back.

It’s also interesting to note that the textures are white, not black. Could these indicate that Facebook will sell Quest Pro in two colors? Or is there more to the story? Facebook declined to comment on the first Oculus Quest Pro leak.

We’re bound to find out on Thursday when Facebook Connect kicks off. We’ll be on-hand to report all the latest developments.

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