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2MD Brings VR Football To Oculus Quest Soon

2MD Brings VR Football To Oculus Quest Soon

Oculus Quest has no shortage of virtual sports options in its growing library, though it’s lacking a little VR football. 2MD will bring the goods in the near future, though.

A listing for 2MD: VR Football Unleashed recently appeared on the Oculus Store. There’s no release date for the title yet but, with Superbowl weekend just a month out, we’d bet it’ll touchdown pretty soon.

VR veterans will probably remember 2MD as one of the earliest attempts to bring the sport to PC VR and PSVR headsets. Rather than trying to capture a photorealistic version of the full game, Truant Pixel’s VR title smartly adapts for a safer, fulfilling experience. Rebuilt for Oculus Quest, VR Football Unleashed focuses on two-minute drills that attempt to distill the highlights of a game into an accessible package.

You’ll head out onto the field to face off against AI-controlled dummies, for example, and the game focuses on passes rather than physical tackles, whilst also letting you feel the glory of scoring a touchdown. Think of it as a bite-sized version of the game you love.

But 2MD: VR Football Unleashed isn’t just about playing on the field. You’ll also be able to draw your own plays and strategize to outwit your opponents. Plus there are minigames to take part in if you need more of an Oculus Quest football fix. Just don’t run into a wall or anything, please.

Will you be pulling on your Quest on game day for a little VR football with 2MD? Let us know in the comments below!

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