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Oculus App Lab Livestream: Next Quest Games Live!

Oculus App Lab Livestream: Next Quest Games Live!

What’s Facebook’s new Quest distribution platform all about? Find out as we dive into our Oculus App Lab livestream today at 8:30am PT/4:30pm GMT!

Launched yesterday, App Lab is a sort of halfway house between the official Oculus Store and sideloading content onto your headset. It allows developers to distribute and even sell experimental or early access titles on Quest without needing approval for the Oculus Store or asking users to accept content from unknown sources on their headset.

The service launched with an initial offering of 12 apps, including well-known games like both Crisis VRigade titles as well as experimental, non-gaming applications like Zoe and Facebook’s own Spark AR Player. You can find a full list of every app available at launch right here. App Lab launched alongside some key updates from Facebook confirming that over 60 titles have generated more than $1 million in revenue on the Quest platform to date. Facebook Messenger integration is also now rolling out on the platform.

Join Jamie and Zeena later today as they dive into the first batch of App Lab releases. We’ll be trying out games both new and old – including a look at the demo for ace VR dungeon crawler, Ancient Dungeon, and working up a sweat in Gym Class.

If you love our live shows then make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, and be back here on Mondays and Thursdays for our bi-weekly VR Download podcast. Tomorrow we’ll be discussing the App Lab rollout as well as going over all the week’s new releases and much more.

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