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OC5: VR Mech Battler Vox Machinae Is Available Now

It’s been a long, long wait for Space Bullet Dynamics Corporation’s Vox Machinae but, today, the game is finally available in Early Access.

The release of the mech battler was announced today at Oculus Connect 5, just a few weeks after we first reported that it would be launching this fall. In the game, you jump into the cockpit of a mech and head into alien battlefields to duke it out in either online or single-player matches. Mech battling’s a popular genre for VR, but the game’s interactive cockpit (controlled optionally with Touch or Vive wands) has us intrigued.

In Early Access the game offers four modes, including Free-For-all, Deathmatch, Salvage and Stockpile with five mechs to control, five maps and ten weapons to use. More of each is planned for the full launch, which will hopefully be launching in around six months’ time.

Though you can pick up Vox Machinae on the Oculus Store with Rift support, it’s also available on Steam where Vive and Windows VR are supported too along with standard displays.

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