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Nvidia Reveals Powerhouse RTX 3090 Ti And $249 RTX 3050

Nvidia Reveals Powerhouse RTX 3090 Ti And $249 RTX 3050

Nvidia’s two newest graphics cards sit at opposite ends of the scale.

The company announced the low-end RTX 3050 and the (very) high-end RTX 3090 Ti at its CES press conference today.

Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti

The former card is designed for top-quality 1080p performance, though it’s tough to say if it might be at all applicable to VR titles without testing it ourselves, though other cards in the 30 series would certainly be a safer bet. Crucially, the card costs $249, which is an incredibly low price for VR compatible cards, though AMD also announced its own 1080p card, RX 6500 XT, for $199 earlier today too. Both of those cards launch later this month.

The RTX 3090, meanwhile, was only quickly teased with more details set to be revealed later in the year. Nvidia estimates the new card to be 10% faster than the 3090, with 24GB GDDR6X RAM and 40 TFLOPs of GPU performance. Basically, you can expect this one to handle almost any and all VR needs without so much as a splutter. And, as you can see from the image above, it’s certainly big enough too.

Nvidia’s announcements may be exciting, but they come in the midst of the ongoing component shortage that’s sure to hamper availability and jack up the company’s MSRPs just as with the rest of the 30 series. The 3090 Ti didn’t have a price attached to it, but considering the 3090 is supposed to start at $1,499, it’s going to be far from cheap.

Are you going to try to pick up either the 3050 or 3090 Ti? Let us know in the comments below!

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