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Get the Job: Virtual Reality Portfolios And Resumes Have Arrived

Get the Job: Virtual Reality Portfolios And Resumes Have Arrived

Getting a new job can be tough. Most employers source dozens if not hundreds of resumes via the Internet for any one position. The days of being able to stand out by putting your resume on blue paper are long gone. We’re all stuck in the same box of ones and zeros, but now you can choose to literally add a new dimension to your portfolio.

Sketchfab is a company focused on making it easy to share 3D creations online. It has already become a go-to place for showcasing VR artwork and now some enterprising users of the platform have started uploading some of their best work into the service for easy sharing with potential employers.

There are a few use cases where this type of tech really shines. For example, Sketchfab’s software lets prospective employees demonstrate skills in 3D modeling while applying for positions that require them. The creator of the above piece writes that:

“…Whilst researching how to write a CV for the Games Industry, I kept coming across one phrase in each article that I read – “Be creative and stand out”. So after doing my CV in various styles, color schemes and layouts, I thought of this whilst in work one evening. This way you, the employer, can both read AND see what it is that I would provide you at the same time.”

Digital resumes aren’t just limited to 3D modeling pros either. Some creators are even going so far as to animate their 3D resumes to help them stand out even more.

One feature that all Sketchfab pieces share is their ability to be viewed inside a VR headset. With the push of a button you can turn that fancy new 3D resume into a full on virtual world as well. That’s right — you can actually make a world for people to visit while applying for a job.

VR resumes will certainly not be for everyone. There are certainly some institutions that would rather you stick with just two dimensions. However, if the employer you’re trying to impress values creativity and you have some design skills, this could be a great way to set yourself apart.

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