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No Rift? ReVive Already Emulates Oculus Touch With Vive Wands

No Rift? ReVive Already Emulates Oculus Touch With Vive Wands

For HTC Vive owners without a Rift, the ReVive hack has become a popular tool for accessing games that are exclusive to the Oculus headset. It looks like that will continue with the launch of Oculus Touch.

The developers behind the software this week launched version 1.0, which features the latest support for Oculus’ new position-tracked controllers. Integration had actually been added a few months back, but it’s been refined with this edition now that Touch games are actually out. An auto-updater has also been added in the new release.

As developer CrossVR pointed out on Reddit, there are likely to be some issues with particular games that will need patching. It’s also important to note the Vive wands don’t include some of Touch’s features like basic gesture tracking. As such, it’s quite likely that some titles will be flat out incompatible with Revive, though the number of games that even use these features right now is small.

Many of the games supporting Touch are actually already available on the Vive, but Oculus has games exclusive to its headset made under the Oculus Studios banner, including titles like The Unspoken [Review: 9/10], a magical online battler from Insomniac Games, and VR Sports Challenge, a dream-fulfilling sports sim from Sanzaru Games. There are also a lot of upcoming Touch-exclusive releases like Ready At Dawn’s Lone Echo and 4A Games’ Arktika.1.

Revive has been a source of controversy for Oculus this year. Following the hack’s release earlier in 2016, the company warned against its use before releasing an Oculus Home update that indirectly blocked support later on. After criticism from many VR fans, the company once again allowed the hack access. With the differences between the controllers and Rift and Valve room-scale, will Revive be a good alternative for Vive owners, or should they fork out for the Oculus solution too?

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