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No Man's Sky VR Is Getting Multiplayer Expeditions With Objectives And Rewards

No Man's Sky VR Is Getting Multiplayer Expeditions With Objectives And Rewards

The latest update to Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky seeks to give the game a more objective-driven experience for those that want it.

Launching today, the No Man’s Sky Expeditions update adds a new mode of the same name in which players start out fresh on a given world. You’ll have a different set of starting gear compared to what you’d use in the standard campaign, but also a new set of challenges and objectives to complete as you travel along a path through the universe that the game itself has mapped out for you. Check out the trailer explaining the new mode below.

As you play through Expeditions you’ll earn badges and rewards that can transfer across other save files. In the trailer you can spot objectives like collecting a certain amount of ancient artefacts or making it a certain way through the galaxy. Completing these tasks might earn you new parts for base building or customization options for your character. Expeditions will have a seasonal structure, too, so you’ll find new types to take on over time.

Overall it looks like the update might help give some players a sense of direction in the game, which can be infamously intimidating when starting fresh for the first time. You can find more info about Expeditions here.

As always, though, there are plenty of other tweaks included in the latest update to further enhance No Man’s Sky. Hello Games says the HUD has been completely refreshed for a “cleaner and more legible appearance”, which we’ll certainly be interested to check out in VR. Weekend Missions are also coming back and the Analysis Visor has a new Target Sweep option that lets you identify new elements of worlds to help uncover new missions.

In truth, it’s starting to get harder and harder to keep up with the dizzying amount of new content coming to No Man’s Sky. It was just a month ago that Hello Games introduced pets to the experience and, in January, the team issued a patch to greatly improve the visual fidelity of the PSVR version on PS5. But the team isn’t done yet, so don’t expect it to be too much longer until we’re hearing about yet more updates.

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