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2 New Twilight Zone VR Trailers Reveal First Episodes

2 New Twilight Zone VR Trailers Reveal First Episodes

We’ve got not one but two new Twilight Zone VR trailers, taking a look at the game’s first two episodes.

Both trailers feature more of the mixed reality capture for the game we first debuted at the Upload VR Showcase last month. Check them out below.

New Twilight Zone VR Trailers Revealed

The first trailer shows an experience called Character Building in which players are hunted by a strange creature. You’ll play as a video game director that discovers that, in the words of the game’s official description, “workplace cruelty is a dangerous game.”

The second trailer, meanwhile, was posted over at Den of Greek and takes a look at the second adventure, Terror Firma. This episode seems to be set in a desolate version of London that’s been ruined by an environmental disaster and strange alien enemies. Players head out into the wasteland with the hopes of saving mankind.

The final episode is called Deadline Earth and the game’s store page reveals it will take place on an alien vessel. We’re yet to see a trailer for that one, though.

The Twilight Zone VR is due to launch on Quest 2 on July 14. A PSVR version of the game was previously announced, but it’s not clear when that version might arrive, or if it’s moved over to PSVR 2. It’s being developed by Pocket Money Games with publishing from Fun Train VR. Both are also working on a new Exorcist VR game, too.

Are you going to be picking the game up? Let us know in the comments below!

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