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First Nerf Ultimate Championship Gameplay Revealed, Beta Confirmed

First Nerf Ultimate Championship Gameplay Revealed, Beta Confirmed

We’ve got our first look at Secret Location’s upcoming multiplayer VR shooter, Nerf Ultimate Championship. Oh, and a beta is on the way too.

The studio first revealed this new Quest title (which isn’t to be confused with the recently-released console Nerf game) at our Upload VR Showcase back in the summer but returned to today’s latest Showcase with the first glimpse of over a minute of gameplay in action. Check it out below.

Nerf Ultimate Championship Gameplay Revealed

The lengthy footage shows Ultimate Championship as an agile arena-based shooter in which players wield virtual versions of the iconic foam dart guns. Players team up in front of an audience, scour the map for weapon pickups and then meet in combat, with darts flying around.

This trailer also confirms that wall-running is a feature in the game, and gives a look at plenty of weapons. From the looks of it, you’ll be able to realistically load guns, dual-wield pistols and use two hands to aim bigger rifles.

The video also confirms that the game will be getting a beta testing phase in the near future, encouraging fans to follow the game’s Twitter account for updates. The game itself is due to launch in 2022 on Quest. Nerf will be Secret Location’s third full VR game after Blasters of the Universe and Transpose, though the developer has also worked on other VR experiences like The Great C and a tie-in to the Sleepy Hollow show.

We’ve got plenty more to share at the Upload VR Showcase, so stay tuned!

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