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MyDearest Unveils Publishing Initiative For VR Games In Japan

Squingle Japanese release

Chronos series developer MyDearest is branching out into publishing, revealing a new initiative to release VR games in Japan.

Best known for Tokyo Chronos, Altdeus: Beyond Chronos and the episodic Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate, MyDearest revealed this initiative last week. Assisting with publishing and localizing third-party games, the company will also provide marketing services for previously released games in the Japanese market. "The studio hopes to leverage our years of experience and proven track record of getting games off the ground to deliver meaningful gaming experiences to VR gamers worldwide," MyDearest confirmed in a press release.

It's unclear how many games are currently signed up, though MyDearest's first published game will be Squingle. Previously released on Steam, Pico 4, the Vive XR Elite and Quest via App Lab, Squingle offers a psychedelic puzzle experience with over 100 levels and mixed reality support. It's a timely announcement following a recent hand tracking update, which is currently Quest exclusive.

We're curious to see what else MyDearest brings to the Japanese market, and we'll keep you informed as we learn more.

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