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Squingle Offers Psychedelic Puzzles For Quest & PC VR, Available Now

Squingle Offers Psychedelic Puzzles For Quest & PC VR, Available Now

A new psychedelic puzzle game, Squingle, is available now for PC VR via Steam and Quest via App Lab.

squingle vr game

The game features over 100 levels where you move an orb through a liquid-like substance floating in front of you. Here’s a description from the App Lab listing:

Before time there was only Squingle – and she needs your help to create the Universe!

The spiraling psychedelic puzzle – Liquid crystal levels are alive, mystical, and other-worldly, offering a unique multisensory showcase that must be seen, heard and felt to be believed. Grab the two revolving orbs and guide them through iridescent mazes that twist and turn, forming structures like DNA. Will you discover the meaning of Squingle?

If you’ve watched the trailer above and played Half-Life: Alyx, Squingle’s mechanics might look a little familiar. One of the puzzle minigames in Alyx used a similar mechanic, where you would carefully move a ring along a path to unlock Combine doors.

However, Squingle is a bit different and the listing description promises more depth than we saw in Alyx — “Solve puzzles by switching your rotation with special orbs to find secret items, multiple paths and hidden routes, and master maneuvers around dangerous dances of obstacles.”

squingle vr game

Squingle is available now on Steam for PC VR for $17.99 (10% for a limited time) and Quest via App Lab for $19.99.

If you’re looking for other great VR puzzle games, we’ve got you covered — check out our list of the best puzzle games across all headsets and the best puzzle games available on Quest headsets specifically.

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