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Microsoft Hosting Mixed Reality Dev Days For HoloLens 2 Developers

Microsoft Hosting Mixed Reality Dev Days For HoloLens 2 Developers

We’ve tried HoloLens 2 and we kind of love it. In a few months’ time, Microsoft will let even more people test it out.

The company this week announced Mixed Reality Dev Days. Mixed reality is Microsoft’s semi-confusing term that covers everything from HoloLens to its VR headsets made with partners. Running on May 2nd and 3rd 2019, this event will welcome developers to Microsoft’s Redmond Campus. There they’ll get hands-on time with HoloLens 2 along with other MWC announcements like Azure mixed reality services, Azure Kinect Developer Kit and, in the company’s words, “more”.

The event will be feedback-focused, Microsoft is looking for impressions on its latest offerings and ideas on how to improve them.

Interestingly, the show takes place just a few days before Microsoft’s annual Build developer conference kicks off. We’d expect to see more MR updates at the show. We’ll also be interested to see if Microsoft has anything else to share on the MR front at GDC next month.

Tickets to the Dev Days won’t be free but pricing hasn’t been announced just yet. You can sign up to the company’s developer program to get an alert for when the invites go out.

HoloLens 2 is set to come out later this year. The AR headset improves upon the original device with a bigger field of view, improved interaction and better design. When I tried it at MWC this week I found one of the first AR headsets I could actually see myself using on a day-to-day basis. It’s an enterprise-level device (starting at $3,500) so not something that game developers will be looking to embrace.

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