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Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update 3 Now Available

Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update 3 Now Available

[Update | 02/16/21]: The big World Update 3 content release is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

[Original | 02/15/21]: Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update 3 should be touching down tomorrow, developer Asobo confirmed.

The latest update to the ultra-realistic simulator (which now has optional VR support) will revisit the UK, adding in much more detailed renditions of popular cities and landmarks. We had originally expected World Update 3 to launch earlier in this month, but it’s taken just a little longer than expected. Asobo did share a first look at the trailer for the update a few weeks back, though, which you can now see below.

In a development update announcing the delay the studio said Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update 3 is in the “final polish phase” and that Tuesday’s release now “locked in”, so there hopefully won’t be any last-minute delays.

Once it’s out, you can expect to skim the skies over much more detailed versions of London, Birmingham and Bristol as well as visit virtualized versions of Stonehenge and Windsor Castle to name a few. Microsoft Flight Simulator is able to produce stunningly authentic versions of these locations that basically look like real life. It’s a feature that made VR support a huge request from the community during development.

On the VR front, Asobo recently launched a new feedback system specifically for headset support. Many players have requested native support for VR motion controllers, which the team has said it’s looking to implement, though we don’t yet know when that support might launch.

Will you be diving into Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update 3 tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below!

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