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Medieval Dynasty New Settlement Builds A Home On Quest

Medieval Dynasty New Settlement Builds A Home On Quest

Medieval Dynasty New Settlement is a new VR survival game reaching Quest today.

Developed by Spectral Games, Medieval Dynasty New Settlement is a VR spinoff of 2021's flatscreen Medieval Dynasty by Render Cube. Mixing sandbox, role-playing, simulation, crafting and exploration mechanics, you're tasked with founding and building a thriving settlement to establish your new dynasty.

Ensuring your settlement's long-term survival in Medieval Dynasty requires constructing buildings, cooking, hunting, cultivating crops, and wider exploration. Narrative quests, challenges, and hidden treasures encourage that, and Spectral Games states you'll encounter characters with "unique personalities and stories."

For more details, here's an official description from the store page:

As the protagonist your primary focus will be on the challenges of survival, resource gathering, and the ambitious task of creating a lasting dynasty. Utilizing the immersive capabilities of VR technology, you will physically engage in the construction of buildings, cooking, hunting, and cultivating fertile fields. Doing all of this and much more will ensure experiencing the gratification of watching your settlement rise from humble beginnings to a majestic medieval hub.

Medieval Dynasty New Settlement reaches the Meta Quest platform today for $29.99.

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