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New Maskmaker Footage Digs Into The Game's Story

New Maskmaker Footage Digs Into The Game's Story

Maskmaker is our Upload Access game of the month, and we’re kicking things off with an exclusive new look at footage of one of the game’s story segments.

Today’s exclusive debut gives you a deeper glimpse at the story behind Maskmaker, where we meet the mask of the game’s mountains environment. Is seems that throughout the game we could meet different characters like this, each of which may fill in more of a mysterious story about a master maskmaker and his apprentice. You can also see the player collect what looks like a piece of perhaps another mask at the start of the clip. What could that be for?

An interesting tease, but there’s still lots to learn about the game. Maskmaker is a puzzle adventure in which you yourself can make masks and use them to transport to different biomes. When we saw the game earlier this year we noted that it was a little like a VR Metroidvania game.

We’ve got plenty more to come on Maskmaker before the game launches on PC VR and PSVR on April 20th. Check back next week for a chat with Innerspace about the origins of the game, and a look at making masks in the game. Then, on the week of April 12th, we’ll dive into the history of the game’s developer and show another gameplay clip, this time with commentary from the team. Once the game’s released we’ll also be joined live in our virtual studio by the team at Innerspace for a Q&A, and we’ll round out the month with a look at the art of Maskmaker!

Maskmaker Upload Access

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