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Lucky's Tale Is Coming To PSVR And SteamVR Soon

Lucky's Tale Is Coming To PSVR And SteamVR Soon

Lucky’s Tale, one of the first VR-exclusive games and also one of the first Oculus-exclusive titles, is coming to PSVR and SteamVR soon.

Developer Playful Studios confirmed the news during the Upload VR Showcase today. Check out the trailer confirming the announcement below.

Lucky’s Tale Confirmed For PSVR And SteamVR

A third-person platformer akin to Super Mario or, for the VR-initiated, Astro Bot and Moss, Lucky’s Tale first launched on the Oculus Rift when it arrived in early 2016. The game saw players control the titular fox, who jumped and tail-whipped his way through levels as he sort to rescue his kidnapped companion. The game was played from a third-person perspective, making the player a sort of secondary character that Lucky would wave at.

For the longest time, Lucky was exclusive to the Rift, as one of the first games Meta (then named Facebook) had a hand in financing and publishing. It was even included as a free pack-in for early Rift customers for a period.

Last month, however, Playful brought the game to the Meta Quest 2, and it’s this edition that’s arriving on PSVR and SteamVR, too. This version includes reworked lighting and character models and animations from Lucky’s non-VR sequel, Super Lucky’s Tale. Other than that, it’s the exact same experience with multiple levels and collectibles as well as modes for revisiting past maps. Expect more news on final release dates in the near future.

That’s far from all from the Upload VR Showcase today. We’ve got plenty more announcements planned, so stay tuned!

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