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Here's An In-Depth Look At VR City Builder, Little Cities

Here's An In-Depth Look At VR City Builder, Little Cities

Publisher nDreams and developer PurpleYonder just gave us our best look yet at upcoming VR city-building simulator, Little Cities.

Two minutes of new gameplay from the project debuted at the Upload VR Showcase today. Check it out below.

Little Cities Overview Trailer

In the clip, we’re taken through exactly how the game plays out. Little Cities puts you in an isometric view of a small island and sets you to work, paving roads and constructing buildings like houses and stores. You’ll need to plan your city carefully, as you’ll need to keep citizens happy and provide power throughout the region.

Later on in the footage, we also see a more developed city that starts to add attractions like an aquarium. There are even disaster events like fires, which your services will set about resolving. The end of the video also teases new island environment types you’ll encounter later on in the campaign.

Little Cities is due to launch on the Quest platform in spring of 2022. Other platforms haven’t been confirmed as of this time. You’ll be able to play the game either from a seated perspective or using roomscale tracking.

Make sure to watch the rest of the Upload VR Showcase as we’ve got plenty more announcements to share with you!

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