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VR Dungeon Crawler Legendary Tales Getting Massive New World Soon

VR Dungeon Crawler Legendary Tales Getting Massive New World Soon

Co-op VR dungeon crawler, Legendary Tales, is getting a huge new world as part of an early access update soon.

The New World update was announced this week and intends to swap out the current starting hub for an area roughly 70 times larger. You’ll still be able to meet up with friends and visit various NPCs, but you’ll also have separate starting points for different dungeons and find much more to explore out in the world itself. Check out a trailer for the update below.

On a different note, the developer says that it’s looking into different dungeon themes to add to the game soon. Plus it hopes to launch randomized dungeons but can’t commit to that just yet.

We’ll also see full quests introduced in the future. These include mainline story missions and side objectives that help unlock new rewards. Weapon crafting is also coming to the game.

Smaller updates, meanwhile, include a new quick slot, changes to the skill tree, titles and new monster types.

There’s no final release date for this update yet, but Urban Wolf does say it’ll be out later this year. We already think Legendary Tales offers a lot of fun in co-op with its physics-driven action, so we’ll be excited to see if these new additions bring a lot to the game.

For now, Legendary Tales remains on Steam. No word on a possible Quest version yet.

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