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Larcenauts Character & Map Reveal – Thal And Excavation

Larcenauts Character & Map Reveal – Thal And Excavation

As part of our month-long spotlight on Impulse Gear’s Larcenauts on Upload Access, we’re revealing new characters and maps for the team-based shooter.

Today we’re introducing the Guardian class, Thal, and the Excavation map.

Thal – Guardian Class


Thal is Larcenauts’ Guardian class. He’s also, if you hadn’t noticed, a robot. He was discovered decommissioned in the depths of space, though his true origins remain shrouded in mystery. As a Guardian, he lends the crew some muscle, designed to hold positions whilst others get to work.

Weapons & Abilities


Brave-Hammer – A strong defensive class needs a meaty weapon, and the Brave-Hammer certianly provides. The light machine gun sprays bullets for suppression fire. When Overcharged the rate of fire further increases, too.

Shield – Thal’s core ability lets him summon an energy-based Shield on his hand. This isn’t the area-spanning shield you might’ve spotted in the trailers (more on that in a sec) but a personalized alternative. It stops most attacks and even deflects grenades. The Shield breaks down after sustaining a certain amount of damage.


Bulwark – Another energy shield, but this time deployed over a circular perimeter. It lasts a short duration but lets allies in and hurts enemies, too.

Halemar Grenade – The Halemar Grenade works on both allies and enemies. For the latter, it’ll deal damage. Interestingly, though, it also heals teammates.



Excavation trades in the grassy surroundings of Relay for a dry, canyon-style map. It’s a dig site in which alien ruins and an unexplained power source have been discovered. That’s bound to attract the interest of some thieves.


There are four sections to Excavation, though the main area is the Foreman’s office. It’s the highest point on the entire map making it a good sniping spot, but multiple entrances may mean someone gets the drop on you. From there, the level winds down into the Facility, comprised of small rooms for sudden encounters. Doors in this area can be opened and closed, too.


Moving outside there’s the Natural Area, where caves and rocks provide some cover from the sniper nests above. Finally, there are the Ruins, which hold Refuel zones and respawn points but little in the way of cover. You’ll need to use a lot of caution here.

Today’s reveals wrap up another week for Larcenauts on Upload Access. Check back news week for a new interview with Impulse Gear and more multiplayer match gameplay!

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