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Larcenauts Gameplay Reveal - 9 Minutes Of Footage Right Here

Larcenauts Gameplay Reveal - 9 Minutes Of Footage Right Here

Okay enough talk, it’s time to finally reveal the first Larcenauts gameplay, right here on Upload Access!

Nearly nine minutes of footage is below, showcasing the Relay map we revealed a little earlier this week. This is taken from the PC VR version of the game, but it’s coming to Quest too. Over the course of the montage we get to see teams battling it out for control of points on a map, and watch some of the specialist abilities in action. Each class in Larcenauts is unique and comes with three abilities, plus a secondary ability for their primary weapon.

All of this adds up to what looks like hectic 6v6 gameplay. There’s a lot going on at any one time in the footage – shields are thrown up, players zip across grappling lines, and grenades arrive from every angle. We get to see a lot of different classes in action, too. The clip also gives us a good sense of the game’s sense of humor and a look at the menu you’ll be working with between matches.

There’s plenty more to come from Larcenauts on Upload Access. Be back here next week, when we’ll interview Impulse Gear live in our virtual studio, give a stat rundown from what to expect in the game and reveal another map and class in our spotlight series. And, if you haven’t already seen it, make sure to check out our interview with the developer on the origins of the game and this week’s deep dive into the Grenadier class and Relay map!

What did you think of the Larcenauts gameplay reveal? Let us know in the comments below!

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