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Killer Frequency Is The First VR Game Developed By Team 17

Killer Frequency Is The First VR Game Developed By Team 17

Killer Frequency is the first VR game developed by Worms studio, Team 17.

A reveal of the new horror-comedy rounded out the Upload VR Showcase today. Killer Frequency is set in the mid-US in the 1980’s, and casts players as a local radio host that must help the citizens of a small town avoid a mysterious masked killer. Check out the first trailer for the game below.

Killer Frequency Reveal Trailer

As the night unfolds, you’ll have people call in offering clues and information. With multiple dialogue choices, you’ll have to carefully pick out solutions that help them survive. You actions will weigh in on the game’s ending, too.

The developer also says that the radio station is fully explorable and comes with an interactive turntable and cassette player and a soundtrack and set dressing that pays homage to the era. The game’s set to launch later this year on Quest 2. It’s also coming to Steam but only as a flatscreen version – you won’t be able to play it on headsets there.

Team 17 also operates a publishing business that’s worked on titles like Overcooked and The Escapists. It’s even published VR titles like Lethal VR before, but Killer Frequency is the first VR title that the studio itself has made. It’s also the team’s first new IP of the past few years.

Don’t miss the Upload VR Showcase for all today’s big headlines and reveals. What did you make of the reveal of Killer Frequency? Let us know in the comments below!

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