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Immersed Adds Passthrough Portals & Tracked Keyboards

Immersed Adds Passthrough Portals & Tracked Keyboards

Work from anywhere solution Immersed is rounding out its feature set with customizable passthrough portals and support for tracked keyboards on Meta Quest 2.

The new features are live right now in Immersed, which offers a free version that gives users two virtual monitors to use in VR while logged into their Windows, Mac, or Linux computer. You can try it out free on Meta Quest 2, while a paid subscription service offers more virtual screens to use. We sat down with Immersed founder Renji Bijoy who walked us through the new features in the video below.

The update focuses on two critical features that may make the platform much more usable for longer lengths of time. You can specify portals in a number of simple shapes for areas where you’d like to see the physical environment — examples shown in the video above show a doorway where passerby might walk as well as specific spots on your desk for your coffee, mouse, Quest controllers, and keyboard. The app now also tracks the location of the Apple Magic Keyboard or Logictech K830 and can see your hands as you type.

“It’s the number one requested feature since the inception of Immersed,” Bijoy told us of the tracked keyboard support. “Historically people have had to just touch type, and now you don’t have to.”

Immersed is available on the Oculus Quest store for free with optional subscription plan.

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