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How To Use Custom Skins And Colors For Your Blades In Beat Saber

How To Use Custom Skins And Colors For Your Blades In Beat Saber


Beat Saber is a massive runaway success in the VR community, due in large part to the customization afforded in the PC version (sorry PSVR users). Not only can you download custom songs that users have mapped to create an infinite library of music (we’ve done song request streams where viewers can pick a song for us to play live) but you can also download and install custom blades (or sabers, rather) and colors for those blades as well.

During our Christmas music special stream we used candy cane-shaped blades and swapped the colors from red and blue to red and green to get in the holiday spirit. This process is actually extremely easy to do.


How To Install Custom Sabers In Beat Saber

The following steps will walk you through exactly where to find and how to install custom sabers in Beat Saber. If you’re more interested in creating your own sabers to use in the game, then you can download the actual custom Saber Plugin here.

  1. Download the latest version of BeatSaberModInstaller.exe (2.2.3 at the time of writing),
  2. With the game closed launch the .exe, confirm that the game’s directory is correctly selected, then install the core mods (the ones checked by default, select extras if you wish). [the .exe may trigger a warning from Windows when you run it],
  3. From here you can follow this guide to get custom songs working, but if you want custom sabers and custom colors, then make sure you select the “Custom Sabers” and “Custom Colors” options. You can also get “Custom Avatars” and “Custom Platforms” or any of the other mod options if you’d like,
  4. Join the Beat Saber mod group on Discord and visit the #finished-sabers channel,
  5. Scroll through and find some sabers you might want to try and download the “.saber” files,
  6. Drop the “.saber” files you’ve downloaded into the “Custom Sabers” folder back in the “Beat Saber” directory,
  7. Once you launch the game, in the bottom right corner you should see a new Custom Saber selection option. You can browse your options and on the right you’ll see a preview of the new saber.


How To Use Custom Colors In Beat Saber

  1. Follow steps 1-3 from the “How To Install Custom Sabers In Beat Saber” walkthrough above,
  2. In the options menu you should see a selection for visuals and customization,
  3. From here you can tweak colors for each side (default is red on the left and blue on the right) which will change the boxes and sabers to match for the chosen side.

There you go! Now you can even more fully tweak and customize Beat Saber to your liking. Don’t forget to install some custom tracks as well, while you’re at it. Let us know some of your favorite sabers down in the comments below!

Featured Image Source and h/t: f4cepa1m

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