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Horizon Call Of The Mountain To Feature Full Campaign And Separate River Ride Experience

Horizon Call Of The Mountain To Feature Full Campaign And Separate River Ride Experience

Upcoming PSVR 2 exclusive Horizon Call Of The Mountain will feature both a core campaign and a mode for first-time VR users.

A PlayStation Blog post from narrative director Ben McCaw launched after yesterday’s reveal of a brand new trailer confirmed that Call of the Mountain isn’t just a small tech demo experience. There had been some speculation based on the January reveal trailer that the game would be a short, on-rails experience set in a boat.

Horizon Call of the Mountain Full Story Confirmed

Now we know that players will take on the role of a new character, Ryas, and explore new environments, taking on the series’ staple robo-dinosaurs with a bow and arrow. You can also expect platforming elements and the opportunity to meet out Horizon characters, including Aloy. In other words, it’s sounding much closer to the traditional Horizon games, just in VR.

But the post also reveals that, alongside the main story, there will be an “immersive River Ride experience.” This is designed to be an introductory VR experience, perhaps for first-time VR users. You’ll sit on the boat from the trailers and watch the world of Horizon come to life around you. McCaw says it’s “the perfect way for a player using the PS VR2 headset to share the magic of PS VR2 with your friends and family as they watch along on a connected display.”

In some senses, it sounds similar to the set of short VR experiences included in the PlayStation VR Worlds compliation at the launch of the original PSVR. This could be a great way to quickly introduce new people to PSVR 2 without having to acclimatize to uncomfortable movement or complex mechanics.

We don’t have a release date for Call of the Mountain just yet but, then again, PSVR 2 itself still doesn’t have a firm launch window.

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