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Hitchhiker - A Mystery Game Announced For Quest, Coming This Month

Hitchhiker - A Mystery Game Announced For Quest, Coming This Month

Mad About Pandas’ narrative adventure, Hitchhiker – A Mystery Game, is making its VR debut via Quest later this month.

The game lands on March 10. Published by Versus Evil, Hitchhiker is a first-person experience that originally launched on Apple Arcade before coming to PC and console last year. In the game, players look to restore their memory as they journey along a highway, traveling with different characters. Check out a trailer for the flatscreen version of the game below.

Hitchhiker – A Mystery Game Coming To Quest

Hitchhiker places a huge emphasis on narrative but also features environmental puzzles, like piecing together items. Every driver you travel with helps you unlock more of your memory, which will sometimes manifest as strange hallucinations. You’ll also have dialogue options that help you reveal more of your past. Hitchhiker won Best Story at the 2018 Game Connection awards.

Screenshots for the Quest version confirm you’ll have full motion control support, but it’ll be interesting to see how other parts of the game transition to the new platform given the original featured some segments with 2D animation.


Currently, there are no other platforms confirmed for the game, but we may see it on PSVR and PC VR in the future.

Are you going to be picking up Hitchhiker on Quest? Let us know in the comments below!

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