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Hellsweeper: Sairento VR Follow-Up Confirmed For Quest 2, Vertigo Publishing

Hellsweeper: Sairento VR Follow-Up Confirmed For Quest 2, Vertigo Publishing

Gory VR combat game, Hellsweeper, is set to be published by Vertigo Games, it’s coming to Quest 2, too.

The news was announced during the Upload VR Showcase today. Developed by Mixed Realms, Hellsweeper is a follow-up to popular VR action game, Sairento. The game was already announced for PC VR headsets, but now we know we’ll be able to play it on the standalone device, too. Check out a brand new trailer for the game running on PC below.

Hellsweeper Confirmed For Quest

As you can see in the trailer, Hellsweeper retains Sairento’s focus on agile combat, but swaps out the sci-fi setting for a dark fantasy tone. You’ll slash through hordes of demonic enemies using swords, spells and firearms as you wall-run and backflip your way through levels. Blood spills and you chop opponents in half or bludgeon them to death. Good fun for all the family, then.

The game also introduces a roguelike structure, allowing you to upgrade your character as you progress. Co-op support is also mentioned on the Steam listing, but more details are yet to be revealed.

It’s not clear yet when Hellsweeper will arrive and in what order. For now, the game’s listed as a Q3 2022 release on SteamVR, but there’s no date for the Quest 2 version yet. Expect to hear those details in the coming months.

Keep following the Upload VR Showcase as we’ll have plenty more announcements and reveals from the show. What did you make of the latest look at Hellsweeper VR? Let us know in the comments below!

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