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Guardians Frontline Update 1.5 Adds New Enemies & Higher Level Cap

Guardians Frontline Update 1.5 Adds New Enemies & Higher Level Cap

Guardians Frontline adds new enemies and an increased level cap in version 1.5 on Quest and Steam.

Released last March by VirtualAge and Fast Travel Games, Guardians Frontline merges first-person shooter gameplay with real-time strategy. Following July's 'New Enemies and Power-Ups Update' with mushroom foes and air strikes, Update 1.5 adds an evolved version of the Arack, a spider-like enemy who can burrow underground. A new Siege Sentinel is also available that can dodge freeze attacks and fire long-ranged projectile attacks.

Elsewhere, version 1.5 increases the Level Cap from 40 to 50, providing new ranks you can earn up to Supreme Commander. Reaching the top rank unlocks a new Guardian skin with 30% extra protection against explosive damage. Otherwise, the Ak20 weapon has a new attack. Editor Mode has been updated and you can also expect various bug fixes and tweaks.

We recommended Guardians Frontline in our review last year, calling it a successful mix between these genres.

Guardians Frontline is an ambitious attempt to combine the best elements of two disparate genres that succeeds in creating something truly original for the Quest platform. Through a mix of clever UI design and a focus on solid gaming fundamentals, VirtualAge manages to achieve something unique, intuitive and completely immersive.

Guardians Frontline is available on the Meta Quest platform and SteamVR.

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