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GTA V VR Mod Fixes Cutscenes, Aiming And More

GTA V VR Mod Fixes Cutscenes, Aiming And More

Three months ago we wrote about a new GTA V VR mod that didn’t require you to buy Vorpx to play the game with a headset. The initial release was a little crusty, but it gave you a glimpse of Los Santos in VR. Three months on, though, and the mod just got a significant new update.

Developer Luke Ross launched the update yesterday. It addresses one of my original biggest problems with the mod: cutscenes. In the original version of the mod, they’d appear as blurry, zoomed in scenes stuck to your face, which was incredibly disorientating.

With this update, though, Ross implements a universal field of view (FOV) fix that gives you a much more natural perspective during cutscenes. Not only that but the developer has removed the game’s clip planes, meaning you’ll see the entire environment when watching scenes in VR, not just the window that Rockstar originally framed.

This might still come with its issues, Ross warns, like incomplete animations and teleporting NPCs (remember Rockstar didn’t originally plan for you to see any of this). We haven’t tried it for ourselves but we’re hoping it leads to a much more comfortable experience that allows you to tackle the full campaign in VR. Originally we said the mod was better suited for just sandbox gameplay.

Not only that but the FOV fix also helps when aiming down your weapon’s sights and entering cars. The installation process for the mod has also been streamlined even further.

Other fixes in this version of the mod include smoother camera rotation when on foot and improved camera reset logic. A pretty healthy list of fixes, then. Now, if someone would just get to that Red Dead Redemption 2 VR mod.

Will you be jumping back into the GTA V VR mod with this update in place? Let us know in the comments below!

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