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Green Hell VR Teaser Trailer Is As Gory As It Is Gorgeous

Green Hell VR Teaser Trailer Is As Gory As It Is Gorgeous

Incuvo’s upcoming Green Hell VR port has its first trailer, and it’s as gory as it is gorgeous.

The developer released the trailer for the game last week, showcasing some of the first official gameplay for the project. Originally developed by Creepy Jar, Green Hell is a jungle-set survival game in which players face all kinds of dangers, many of which are seen in the trailer below.

Green Hell VR Trailer

The short clip shows plays being attacked by snakes and leopards that leave nasty wounds that can be infected. You treat them by wrapping them in leaves and, in one particularly grim moment, pulling nails out of your own arm. It’s safe to say this won’t be a VR experience for the squeamish.

There’s also a look at natural interactions like firing a bow and arrow and starting a fire. This footage was taken from the alpha version of the game on PC, though Incuvo stresses it isn’t final. That said it seems to be shaping up well – it definitely captures the density and variety of the original experience.

The game’s set to first come to PC VR headsets in Q3 of 2021 before arriving on the Oculus Quest in Q4. A possible PSVR port hasn’t been announced, though Incuvo’s port of Layers of Fear did arrive on the headset just a few weeks back.

Are you looking forward to Green Hell VR? Let us know in the comments below!

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